PVD Coating

PVD Coating

PVD coating, which offers many advantages over other coating methods, is one of the most preferred coating methods today by different work fields.

Hard vapor coating under pressure is divided into two as physical vapor deposition (PVD) and CVD (chemical vapor deposition) coating. PVD offers wider application areas compared to CVD coating due to its applicability at lower processing temperatures and the broad coating thickness range it supplies.

Various criteria are taken into account during the evaluation of a product’s coating process. Most important of them all is to reduce the surface imperfections to minimum in order to acquire a smooth surface. The life span of such products increase by 2-10 times according to researches.

High Quality Coating Combines with Meticulous Worksmanship 

As Dekap, we provide coatings that are of high quality, resistant to corrosion, low friction and aesthetic with new generation coating methods. Our goal is to intersect our expertise in advanced technologies and craftsmanship with our clients’ expectations.

Our Mission;

  • Quality, reasonable price and short delivery time
  • Business partnership perspective independent from the industry conditions
  • Pre/post production, support at every stage of the process

Coating Types

 The purpose of the surface coating is to cover the surface of a metal product in an organic, metal or non-metal substance in order to make the product both more appealing and durable.

PVD coating which is a thin, vapor-deposited coating has the advantage of being able to be utilized in various work fields. As well as protecting the products against scratches, corrosion and aging; it can also be applied to large surfaces.

We coat metal, glass and ceramic based products.

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