Gold Plating

Gold Plating

Gold plating techniques are divided into two:

  • Chemical coating
  • Electrochemical coating

Micron Gold Plating Bath

With this technique, under ideal circumstances, hard gold plating can be applied up to 10 microns. Gold plating, protects the surface its applied to and expands the life span of the base metal. This technique can be used in both decorative gold plating and industrial gold plating. Micron gold plating baths contain great amount of gold; therefore, there are limited number of them all around the world. Dekap, has gold plating baths which are 30 litres in volume. Plating with these baths involves electrolysis method and 24 karat pure gold is used during the process. A hard alloy is formed with the cobalt, which is involved in the baths’ solution, setting up a plating color in between 22-23 karat.

Flash Gold Plating Bath

18-24 karat colored, 22,5 karat pure hard gold coatings can be done for decorative purposes with this plating technique. Compared to micron gold plating bath, this method possesses less gold. Along with being used in decorative applications, this method can also be applied in several industries such as tableware, textile, jewelry ve arms industry. Regarding non-food-related products, a transparent protective layer (lacquer) can be applied to prolong the life span of the coating. As much as its color looks like the end result of a micron gold plating process, flash gold plating applied products can have a coating of at most 0,1 micron of thickness. Dekap has a 30 litre and a 45 litre flash gold plating baths at its disposal. Flash gold plated products has a long life span and the method itself is easily controllable and chemically manageable. The bath can operate for a long amount of time, as long as its protected against contamination. Furthermore, flash gold plating method does not contain unbound cyanide;thus the method does not pose a threat to employees’ health.

Brush Plating

Brush plating is applied via contacting the brush plating wand, which is containing gold plating solution, to the surface of the product.

The most significant factors while applying brush plating can be listed as follows: The right and high quality plating solution, sufficient power supply,meticulous work in the pretreatment applied on the surface, type of brush wands and the type of swab that is going to be used. With the right choices solution loss can be reduced and the efficiency of the coating can be maximised. Furthermore, brush plating solution consists of high amount of gold.

Alloy Gold Plating Bath

Alloy gold plating bath is used solely for decorative purposes with a variety of elements to acquire several coating colors and shades. White, red and yellow gold plating colors vary according to the amount of platin, nickel, silver and copper put into the gold plating solution. Various colors can be obtained by plating methods such as 18 karat gold plating bath, rose gold plating bath, antique gold plating bath, ruthenium, rhodium and palladium platings.


We polish and restore products from various industries such as cutlery, watches,  glasses, door handles etc.

Result: A high quality, elegant and natural outlook with the reflection of meticulous craftsmanship.

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